Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Madness from the Poker Enthusiast

First Read this from change100.


I had a hit for skinomax movies. I’m not really sure how a search engine finds my site with that search but it does happen. I wonder what would happen if I wrote about golden showers.

No poker last night. My time was spent working on homework with M from just after supper until her bed time. In fact, she got up early to finish some extra credit work she didn’t get to last night. The amazing thing that I’ve noticed is the amount of work that she is bring home from school. I don’t remember having this much homework when I was her age but then again I probably just didn’t do it. I was the king of getting by with the minimum.

At around 10:00 I jumped on Full Tilt to see if anyone was around and ended up railing worldpoker05 while he played 3 sngs. He’s been on a good run in these and has the right game plan to continue his success. I also saw Iak running over a table in a token race and did a little chatting. I guess this show how screwed up in the head I am if I just go on and watch.

Tonight will be the long night as I play the 20,000 and the midnight madness. I’m sure I’ll throw in a few other events as I donk off my bankroll throughout the night. I’m really hoping I bring my A game with me tonight because I’m tired of the almosts and not quites. A concerted effort will be made to go deep and not to just survive.

Don’t forget the Bad Beat On Cancer tourney that is coming up. It’s for a good cause and is a deep stack tourney. It should be a lot of fun.

See you on the virtual felt.

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Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Good chattin with ya Pitch. That was a pretty easy going token race, the entire table was in agood mood. I'll look for you in the 20k.