Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Old Boss and The Mookie

My reign as the Mookie champion came to an abrupt end just short of the first break. And of coarse my run of JJ being not OK continued as I raised with this twice in middle position only to see an Ace high flop or an Ace King flop. After chipping up a little I get Q7 in the SB vs. Maudie in the BB. I make the call and see a flop of 788. I think I’m good here but with my short stack I’m thinking a check raise is right. Maudie raises as expect and I come over the top 3x of her raise. I want a call because I’m pretty sure I’m ahead and will to take a chance to get more chips. The turn is a queen giving me two pair, queens and 8s, 7 kicker. I put the last 365 chips in the pot and she call with Q10. The queen counterfeited my hand and I’m done. I guess I could have pushed all in after the flop and taken the hand there but I needed the double-up. I question the call In that she couldn’t have thought she was ahead and the loss would have put a big dent in her stack. Oh well, that’s life.

One other thing. No “Bears Rule” after the knockout so no bounty.

The eventual winner was worldpoker05. If none of you are familiar with this guy it is because it is his first blogger tourney ever. In fact, he isn’t a blogger at all. He is my old boss. He was a luck box as he approached the final table. With an extremely small M, he pushed from UTG with KQ and got called by lifesagrind’s pocket Aces. He hit two pair for the win. A few orbits later, maybe on the final table he pushes again with J10 suited and is called by lifesagrind who holds KQ. He sucks out again and then triples up at the breake when he catches pocket aces vs KK and AQ to take the chip lead. From that point on he tightened up and let some of the shorter stacks get knocked out. When there were only three left he got all in with phlyersphan’s KK. He rivered a straight and held a huge chip lead to the remaining player. From that point on it was only a matter of time before he put his opponent away.

Now I highlighted the donkey luck-box card catching he received but he did play a tight game for the most part. He was near the top for much of the tourney before going card dead just before the final table. Good game buddy and see you next week at the Mookie.


I also played in a $5+.50 at the same time last night and got knocked out just short of the money. I didn’t catch much here either and also saw pockets jacks kick my butt. I’m really starting to think that these should be folded pre flop.

After the Mookie I jumped on a $10 SNG to kill some time. My luck continued to be bad as good cards were poison and I get knocked out on the bubble. A frustrating night for sure.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to the tourney last night and for bringing some players. The more the merrier.

slb159 said...

See you next week. I too had a tough time with some bad cards, but ended up doing better than I expected when my good cards paid off.
Take care

pokerpeaker said...

I had a great time and thanks for stopping by. I need to make this a regular as the competition is better, so I'll learn more, AND it's just darn fun.

jl514 said...

Thanks for the dropby comment =)

See you next week