Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Power is On and Semi Live From Tunica

We finally got the power back up and running at work around 7 pm last night. Com ed came by in the afternoon but couldn't give us a time table to when we would be up and running so we went with a contingencey plan that involved a 5 hour trip to a partner company to do some production and come back home in time to start work this morning. So the boss and I, as well as two production workers set out and got a call around 1 1/2 hours into the trip so we turned around and went back home. It was nice to be home instead of driving all night and being expected to work all day today.

I watched a little bit of the hoy last night. The donkemant was fun to watch and I think that I need to start playing it. It's just hard for me to add another night of tourneys to my regularly scheduled life. Maybe I'll jump into one of these but It is kind of hard on my family if I play to much.

I'm sitting on a token so I'm trying to find a tourney I want to play. I'm thinking about Razz or Horse because the firlds are a little smaller and most players suck at these games. I'd play hold'em but the amount of time it takes to play a bigger event is a little long for me unless the family is out for the night. We'll see what happens.

One last thing...Surf and Huntsvegas will be going to Tunica ans I have been asked to post some updates while they are there. So if you have a piece of their action or just want to know how they have done, stay tuned in later this week to find out how well thay do.

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