Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Letter From Full Tilt and Some of My Game

Hello Pokerenthusiast,
Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support, and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

I have reviewed the chat logs for this particular tournament and do notice that player alexsundiego is out of line with his chat. I have issued alexsundiego a stern warning at this time, and should they commit such a chat violation again, I will not only revoke their chat but they will also forfeit any winnings they gain from the tournament.

We appreciate it very much that you brought this to our attention and wish you the best of luck on our tables.

Full Tilt Poker Support

This guy was talking about his hand during much of this tourney and I felt he was out of line. I don’t mind players calling and checking down a short stack but discussing his cards in the chat is to much. Maybe I’m crying a little but he did it on three separate occasions including the hand that knocked me out in 3rd. After dry the tears from my eye I asked FT to look into the issue and they did. Its really the idea that you shouldn’t talk about your hand while the hand is in progress. Yes I’m being a cry baby.

I played a little last night. I stuck to some low level Razz and made a little by playing semi-tight. I called with position a few times and won a few hands when the board hit me and missed my opponent. I only got sucked out on one time but it cost me a chunk as he chased to the end and caught his hand. He did have 7 outs so it wasn’t to horrible I guess.

I was looking at my MTT numbers over multiple site and realized that I play the same every where. I’m cashing in 22-24% of the tourneys I play and have been final tabling 8-10%. I would like the final table number to be a little higher but I think it is a good number. The I also think that the cash percentage is a little to high. I’d like to lower it a bit to improve my final table percentage. I think 16% cashes and a final table of 11-13% would get me a better overall return.

I also realize that I need to play higher stacks to make any real money so I need to buckle down and hit some numbers so I can move up. I feel back on my game so I’m expecting to hit a nice one soon. We’ll see what happens.


Shelly said...

I don't think you're being a crybaby. Rules exist for a reason. People should play by the rules or not play at all. A brick and mortar casino wouldn't allow a player to repeatedly discuss his hand while in play - why should an online poker room allow it? Kudos to you. Reporting it was the right thing to do.

TripJax said...

u did the right thing by contact ft support