Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sometimes Things are Good

Yesterday was a bitch. I had a long day at work that started with preparation for an all day meeting I was running and culminated with a headache that kicked my butt. Things got better after I arrived home for the night. I took some pain medication and took a little nap and I felt all better.

I jumped into a cheap tourney and spun my wheels with card deadness. And it continued with another tourney that saw a guy call of all my chips when he had a draw with the river coming. He hit and I was done. Around this time my favorite Razz tourney was getting started and a few hours later I was on the final table bubble. I got involved in a hand when I had a 6 high after 4th street vs. the 9 of my opponent. We got our chips in the middle but I bricked and he eliminated me in 10th. I went after this hand hard because I was ahead and wanted him to commit his chips when he was behind. Even after I bricked I still had a draw that had him dominated but it didn’t happen. I would have been in 2nd place if I hit.

I ended the night play a couple of sngs and had the pleasure of cracking AA with my 66 when we were in the money of the first one. I eventually took that one down and placed 2nd in the other one to end the night in positive numbers.

I was doing some searching for poker information on the net and I came across this site. It has all kinds of information on the state of US poker. It has information on deposit methods and the legislation that will influence the future of the game we love to play. I was truly amazed at some of the things I read and plan on following the situation through this site.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend.

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