Thursday, August 30, 2007

Live From Tunica

I talked to surf this afternoon as he was drive to Tunica. Nothing exciting to say other than he is ready to go deep. I'm expecting to get a call from him later tonight so I'll post anything I here. As for Friday I'll post what I know when I get home from work and I'll update later if he has some news. I will not be posting Saturday until after I get home from the lake so don't expect anything before 10 pm. Otherwise I'll post as I get info for the rest of the weekend.


I just got another call from Surf. He played a SNG for $65 and won his ticket for event #2 in Tunica. When he got heads up with his opponent he offered a save of sorts by giving the guy $150 and keeping the $550 entry fee for tomorrows event. He held a 4-1 chiplead at the time. Not bad for the second best player in his family.

He’ll be calling me during breaks tomorrow so I’ll try and give updates as they come along. It’s hard to do it from work now but I’ll do my best. My guess is I’ll have an update around 4:30 central time tomorrow otherwise it will be after 6 o’clock. Tune in tomorrow for more breaking news of surf and his attempt at poker greatness.


kurokitty said...

Hi- which suburb do you live? Near Oak Brook?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I'm about 25 or 30 minutes west...near Aurora.

kurokitty said...

ok. i may have asked you that a long time ago. tx.