Monday, August 20, 2007

Stay Focused Idiot

Frustration and aggravation is what I felt as my KK was cracked when my opponent hit the straight on a board of 44352. I would have rather had him hit an ace on the flop. Anyway, I have to be satisfied that people will push into me with their weak aces. I ran bad tonight and I stopped playing because I hit a limit.

It’s going to be harder to post during the day from now on. Big brother is watching. I’ll probably just post before I got to bed from now on. I guess my productivity will increase at work now.

I had my first sign up to Full Tilt on Sunday. I’ve had the affiliate program going for a while but most of the people who read me already play there. I got a second sign up today so at this rate I’ll have 366 a year from now. Keep it coming guys and gals. Anyway, If I ever got enough players signed up I would give them a free roll or something to show my thanks.

My official flight to Japan day is September 29th. I’ll be spending a week at various places for no apparent reason other than to make sure they can do what they say they can do. I have three vendors to see on a week long trip unless my numbers are wrong. I did tell one of the guys in Japan that they have to take me out and karaoke so it won’t be a complete loss of time. I also found out that my boss’s parents live about 10 blocks from the hotel so I may go chew them out for having a son that lived.

Anyway, I’m going there with the new guy so he’ll be doing the training I went through last year and I get to sit through meetings with people I can’t communicate with very well. I’m not sure who has the better deal. One good thing is that they are going to put us up in a nice hotel with internet…something I only had for one day last time.

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