Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fun at the Mookie and a Little Life Tilt

I went on a bit of life tilt yesterday after Softball E’s coach called and said she didn’t make next years team. He explained that he thought it was in her best interest to find another team to play for that can give her more innings to pitch because he can’t give them to her. He also said that he thinks she had the most ability of the pitchers on last years team. I asked him if there were any other reasons for this decision and he said he didn’t think she would get regular playing time a other positions. So she went from being the short stop and leading hitter on the team to not being good enough to play.?

Like I said, major life tilt insued. But after I thought about it a while I realized that she wasn’t going to play for that team anyway. SE and I had already made up our minds that she was going for the Northern Illinois Thunder and or the Aurora Raiders and would play for either of these teams before her old team. She actually got the news first and I heard her say “yes” when he said she didn’t make the team so I think all will be well. I know she told her former teammates that she was trying out for these other teams an since two of the girls belong to the coaches there was no way the coaches didn’t know. I’m sure they realized that she was moving on and made a preemptive decision in there own best interest.


Had a solid night last night by cashing in a few sngs and going very deep in the Mookie and cashing in the Dookie. The Mookie was crazy. I threw away QQ after a raise and a re raise happened in front of me. It turned out to be the right decision as one player held KK and the other held AK. A little later I threw away AA post flop after a KKx flop. I smelled over bet for value on the straight push so I folded. This knocked me down to 2100 chips and losing ground fast. I had been playing tight the button a big raise. This player had been playing a loose game so I re-bumped it and he pushed with his big stack. I was getting better then 3-1 to call with only 2 hands dominating me so I called with my AK sooted as he turns over QQ. I hit the donkey flush and moved to 4500 chips.

Later I found JJ in middle position and raised to 800 after 2 limper. One player pushed for 500 more with QJ and hit a queen on the river to take part of my stack. A few hands later the aggressive guy over bets in front of me and I see TT. I push and he calls with AK but my tens hold to put me at over 6K. I lost a few chips back when I raised pre-flop and was called my continuation bet didn’t work and I had to dump my hand. I chipped up a little and hit pay dirt when I found QQ and doubled up.

When we hit the final table I was sitting in 5th play and doing well. Then one of the worst runs of card deadness hit. I tried to maintain my stack but slowly lost ground. I was still sitting with a solid stack when we got to the bubble when I raised from the button with QT. The BB called and the flop hit with a Q so I pushed. But he held a Q and a K and flopped a boat and turned quads.

Still a good game overall and a little unlucky at the end.

I could go into my Dookie cash but being that it was turbo HORSE I won’t. To much luckbox action in that game.

Anyway, I’m over my tilt and ready for anything.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Life tilt has a way of working its way out.

One day at a time, one mile at a time, one step at a time.


4dbirds said...

Hi, I answer your question over at my blog. GG btw.