Friday, August 31, 2007

More Tunica part 3

Surf is sitting at the tournament tables as I write. This morning he played two more sngs and won another so he has now spent a total of $255 and has made $1250 towards buy-ins. Not bad for a tight/aggressive donkey. To repeat, he has buy-ins for two $550 events and but another $150 in his pocket.

His buddy Huntsvegas has not faired as well and was leaving for home when I talked to Surf around 11:15. I think he had lost in every game he had played and had dropped over 1K for sure. Surf offered to give him one of the buy-ins but he turned it down because of his bad run. I would do the same because it can be hard enough playing with my own money let alone someone else’s money.


Surf bombed out quick today. He raised it up with a couple of limpers in front trying to isolate while holding KJ of hearts. The big blind and the limpers called. An all low flop with 2 hearts and it is checked to him and he bets to thin the field and there is two callers. The turn is a brick and the first player pushes as well as the second player. He was getting better than 5-1 on his money so he called. First player had AA and the second player had Ax of hearts. He was done.

He is playing the $200 second chance event in a little bit so I will update when I find out.


He has made it past the first break with a little more than he started with. If you know Surf then you know he is in great shape and I expect him to make a run before it is over.

I'll be playing a Razz tourney as well as a Horse tourney so if you want to stop by and say hello feel free to do so.

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