Friday, August 10, 2007

Can You Drill it Out

The pain in my head doesn’t seem to want to go away. I just have to remember that it feels better when it stops hurting.

I play a little yesterday but didn’t do well. The one tourney I was doing well was I lost a big chunk of my stack when I raised from the SB with AJ and the BB called. The flop missed and I made a continuation bet and when the turn missed I fired another bullet and he called. The river gave me a jack but I wasn’t happy so I went into check call mode. He bet and I called and paid off his pocket aces. I had no idea he had those by the way he played. I wasn’t on life support but I now had a shortish stack. My nemesis was knocked out a little later and so at least I outlasted him. Anyway, Whe n my M got smaller I ramped up the aggression and chipped up a little. I ended my night when I oushed over a limper while holding AQ. He held JJ but I caught a queen on the flop…he caught a jack and I was done.

It was frustrating all night as players called with over cards and hit or they were given they’re 3 outer to put me in my place. I was even counterfeited twice when I flopped 2 pair. So I guess I made some good plays overall and was rewarded with pain. Maybe I am a masochist.

The big softball tryout weekend is upon us so we will be driving a bit as we look for the golden egg.

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