Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Does Poker Really Mean Anything to Us?

I got a token but that’s about it. I got hit by runner runner again to get knocked out of one tourney and had a big pocket pair run into quads after the flop. It was a good night overall because I was still in positive numbers but I was frustrated by what could have been. Went fairly deep in razz but didn’t cash. None of my bad luck really means anything.

I’ve talked about my old boss here many times before. He is a good friend and I will do just about anything for him and his family. Today I went into the restaurant for lunch as his wife was just getting off the phone. After she gets off the phone she informs me that she has a mass in her lung and has to have a CT scan to identify it better. I didn’t know what to say as I sat there and wondered why bad things happen to good people. Anyway, Say prayers for Nan because she needs them right now. They have 7 kids living at home and they need all the support they can get. After we know more I may run a charity tourney with a portion of the entry fee going to the family. Maybe a $5 + 5 or something.
To add to their misery, their daughter is having surgery next week. I guess they need a little more adversity to test their faith.

Not much more to say other than sometimes poker doesn’t mean much.

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