Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Almost Another Final Table

I went deep in an Omaha HL limit tourney ending the night in 14th place. Not bad but I took a big hit when my trips lost out to a bout on the river. I was top6 at the time so wining that hand would have been huge. I also got all my chips in the middle with 3 callers with a set that ended up getting split 4 ways. I would have doubled up to top 8 if I hit. It was a fun game but a little dissapointing.

I also played a little 1/2 Razz cash for some fun. I made about half a buy-in to make back a small loss from my sng play so over all I ended the evening about even.

Don't forget to play te Mookie on Wednesday night. It starts at 9:00 central and the password is vegas1 as it is every time. I think the Dookie is Stud h/l so the donkeys should be out for that game.

And finally, good news came the other day when I found out my friend doesn't have cancer. I'm so happy for the family I can't really put it into words.

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