Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Surf is Going to Tunica and Loving Omaha HL

Surf will be on his way to Tunica at noon on Thursday. Remember to come here for up dates on his meteoric rise to the top of the poker world.

It was Mookie night but I never signed up. I was playing a couple of other tourneys and doing well so I made the decision to skip it and work at something a little more + ev. I started an Omaha hl PL tourney at 7:45 and since I was chipping up, I added the $3 turbo to keep me distracted. In the end I cashed in the turbo going out around 80th of the 600 or so runners. Not the greatest of jobs but that’s ok. The Omaha tourney was better.

I played a nice tight aggressive game and moved up the ladder. That is until we got 8 from the money and I missed a double draw. Short stacked I held on to the bottom spot and moved into the money in my 3rd straight Omaha hl tourney. I looked for spots and doubled up and after an eternity I made the final table. There were some very solid players at the table and as the short stack I had work to do. I doubled up and waited around until we got to 6 players. I called a raise from the table donk and flopped a good low draw and the 2nd nut flush draw. I pushed not caring if he calls or folds. He called and neither draw came in. That would have put me into 2nd place but oh well. It may have been a questionable play but with the blinds so high I needed to make a move and with both draws I think it is right.

So now that I’ve taken 1st, 14th and 6th in 3 straight Omaha hl tourneys, I’ll probably take a shot at a bigger one and see how I do.


surflexus said...

Hey D,
Great run in the Omaha H/L tournies!!! Talk to you in a little while.

TripJax said...

well done!