Monday, August 06, 2007

MTT Strategy and My Trip West

I was going to write an uber post about my MTT strategy but then I read this one and it did the job for me. I follow a lot of the strategy that surf wrote down with maybe a little more tightness in the beginning stages. I also had a good discussion with him on the girly chat about playing non-typical hands in position against players that can double you up. I guess I should say non-typical for me. Anyway, I think he hits it on the head so instead of rewriting something that is spot on, I’ll just link it up and give him credit for the idea.

I played a couple of tourneys over the weekend and was knocked out near the bubble in each event. I had a read on one player and felt that I could make him lay a hand down but failed to pull the trigger with my 84 suited. I still had a nice stack so I let it go but I think I should have made the play in retrospect. I had been very active early on but tightened up for about 4 orbits before this opportunity. I would have had live cards unless he had a big pair and he was in a steal position. Next time I make the play and go deep. In the other tourney, I pushed with a smallish stack, from the SB, into the BB. I held K4 suited buy was just trying to but the pot. He called with K6 for 40% of his stack and busted me. I don’t mind this play but I think I would have trouble calling with his hand.


My crazy trip to New Mexico and LA ended at 7:00 am Saturday morning as I walked through the back door of my home. I got about an hour of sleep before the kids came and woke me up for the day.

Softball E. made it through the first weekend of tryouts and is ready to go for the next group. I’m really hoping she makes one of these other teams because I don’t like the coaching ideals the two coaches on her current team have. We’ll see what happens.

Mrs. PE turns .. years old tomorrow so we will have a great time celebrating the anniversary of her birth.

Have a great day.

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