Thursday, February 22, 2007

Two Final Tables at the Mookie

I hand a nice run in the Mookie last night. This is who and the order of my starting table.

a104l9 calls 145

My first big hand happened early when hacker59 pushed over the top of my AK suited raise. He had a smaller stack after just losing some chips so I called figuring for at worst a coin flip but more then likely I would have a dominate ace. He flips over 1010 but I flop top pair and end up with a boat. I also dropped the hammer on love_elf when she went for a SB steal. I won another nice pot when DonkeyPuncher74 raised my BB. He had done this a few times and I was ready to come back at him with my QT suited. The flop was 23A and I check. He makes a continuation bet and I wait a little before re-raising a little more then the minimum trying to show value. He folds and I win with nothing.

For the next hour I stayed about even until the blinds started getting bigger when I get T7 on the button. I had not played anything for a long time and just wanted some blinds so I figured a raise would take it down. Papi Justify calls. Now he had been very aggressive all night and I know he will take a stab with nothing. I’m hoping to catch a flop or that my image will pay me off. He has me covered. The flop is 4T5 rainbow and he leads out for 600. I push and he folds. A great flop for me there but I probably make that move anyway unless the flop comes big. That hand puts me back over 300 chips and I’m ready to start fighting. I steal a blind just before finding 99 in my hand. DonkeyPuncher goes all-in and I call his short stack knowing I’ll still have a workable stack if I lose and that he could push with any two cards. He has JT and hits a 10 on the flop but I catch a 9 on the turn to knock him out and move me to 5000 chips.

After a long wait I get the hand I’ve been waiting for. AA in the SB. The first 4 quickly flod and I’m worried that I will get no action but Zeem answers the call with a 4x raise. Chuckdnb pushes over the top of Zeem and I push to isolate with Zeem getting out of the way. Chucked held 88 but my aces held and I move into the chip lead overall. Then I get nothing for a while but make the final table.

One player is gone and I get 88 from middle position and raise it to 1500 and Maudie calls from the BB. The flop is 456 and I’m fairly happy. I make a pot size bet and she pushes. The question is did she catch part of the flop or does she have trips. She had trip 5’s and I’m done in 8th. I may have over played my 8s here because I was committed to the pot if she pushes. If I bet 2/3 of the pot I could have folded but I’m not sure if I would have. A small mistake by me and well play by here.

I also made the final table in the 2nd chance turbo Razz event but got knocked out in 7th. I made a bad call on two different hands that put me in a go position with no room for error. It was fun and Turbo Razz is the nutz.

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