Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Spent Valentines Day Playing Poker With My Wife's OK

I continue to be bothered by the sickness that has been jumping through the family. My fever is sitting around 102 right now with the delirium helping me to lose focus from time to time. Must be a great time to play a cheap tourney on UB.

It was Valentines Day yesterday so Enthusiast wife and I did our normal thing. She got me a small bag of candy and I got her a huge coffee cup for her morning pick me up. After 14 years of marriage we don’t have to get all crazy with mush and lovey dovey showy affection. In the end I had freedom to play poker last night.

I started off with a HORSE tourney FT. It was a $5 donk fest that run every evening and it went well. I chipped up early with AA and AK that each held up. Omaha was uneventful for the most part and Razz did nothing for me. The stud part of Horse got me going when I won a nice pot and then launched into the tournament lead when I scooped a huge pot with the wheel in HL. I lost some chips when I put a short stack all-in when I held AQ but he hit a 4 and doubled up. So at the end of the first hour I had more then double the starting stack.

The second hour saw me chip up in Razz and then some more in stud only to give it back in HL. I hit a nice pot with KQ in hold’em before giving some back on a flush draw while Omaha treated me like a red-headed step child. At the end of the second hour I was down to 2200 chips and needing a hand.

Razz is my mistress and she was there for me. I doubled early when I hit a 7 and a guy with an 8 chased me down. When we hit the final table I was the short stack but sitting within a few thousand of the leader. I went card dead for a while but caught Aces in stud HL and scooped a big pot. I ended up taking 6th when my pocket 9s got beat in a race vs. AK.

I also went deep in the Daily Double A by taking 27th place for a nice run. I could have held on for a few spots but got caught on a steal. I held QJ suited on the SB and it was folded to me. I pushed and the BB called for 90% of his stack with the all powerful A5. I got two of my suite on the flop but couldn’t get the third to end my night. I got very lucky at one point when I thought a big stack was stealing and I pushed over the top from the BB. I had AJ suited and he had QQ but I spiked an ace to stay alive. At the time I was the short stack of the tourney so it was go time. He gave me crap but he eventually got knocked out making a similar move.

So overall, three tourneys and two cashes and a final table. I’ll take it.

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slb159 said...

Nice runs in both tourneys.

Would have chatted a little more, but I don't like to talk to people much when I'm playing, so I don't do so either much when someone else is playing.

Think you get what I'm saying.