Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Full Tilt, The PPA, and Work

I’m preparing for the quarterly Management Review that will tale place on Friday. I’m almost done with my part of it but I am waiting for others to give me the information they are required to present. I need to put it all into a presentation so that it looks good for the external auditors that will be back in the fall. Fun times.

One of my co-workers will be giving his two weeks notices later today. This is the guy I went to Japan with and have work closely with from the beginning of my employment here. He will be missed and I’m sure I will have to carry some of the load. This will be the second person to leave so far this year and it is making things harder. I had to pick up part of the first person’s work load and really don’t need anymore crap to do. Hopefully I’ll have something else in the near future so I can jump ship with the rest of them. I actually like my job but they don’t seem to be interested in replacing the people that leave. And I don’t want this to interfere with my poker.

And I got this letter yesterday.

Dear pokerenthusiast,

You should be outraged.

You should be outraged that the U.S. government is infringing on your personal rights and telling you how to use your hard-earned money. You should be outraged by the fact that a minority of legislators passed the UIGEA, which impacts your ability to play the great game of poker on the Internet. They did this by slipping the language into a completely unrelated port security bill that went to the floor just minutes before Congress took its break for the mid-term elections. The bill passed without any Congressional debate or opportunity for you to object.

Although many legal scholars would argue that online poker should not be affected by the UIGEA, we believe the law's lack of clarity can only harm the game unless an express exemption is granted under the UIGEA. You should be outraged that, in a rush to passage, poker did not receive the objective review it deserves, and did not already get this express exemption while lotteries, horse racing, and fantasy sports were all given free passes. We demand that Congress address this grievous oversight now.

The PPA's primary goal for 2007 is to get an express exemption for online poker from the UIGEA and we want to ensure that the PPA's message is heard loud and clear by Capitol Hill. By mobilizing 1 million online poker players to join the PPA they will listen, because a million voices can't be ignored! Sign up for any PPA membership before Monday, March 5th and we'll enter you in a PPA Freeroll tournament where you can win one of 18 personalized Full Tilt Poker jerseys like the ones our pros wear.
Step up and make a donation to the PPA before Monday, March 5th and you'll be eligible for a cash bonus of up to $1,000.


If you're already a PPA member, you can earn your special, one-time only bonus by upgrading to a higher membership level by Monday, March 5th, ..... To join now and receive your bonus, please select your option from the following...I didn't put the bonus structure here
Outrage is good, but outrage without action is useless. Stand up for your rights and help protect the great American game of poker by joining the PPA today.


Full Tilt Poker

I have enough trouble clearing a bonus so I will not upgrade but for many of you this could be good.

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