Monday, February 12, 2007

Air Hockey, Poker and Ball

I put together the airhockey table on Saturday so the basement id basically done. But what a chore that was. These tables are heavy and trying to get it into the basement sucked big time.

I played a little poker on Friday night and made a final table in Razz again. I bad thing was that the field was smaller than I had ever seen. The good part was that the number of paid spots wwas smaller so the payout was better. Most nights this event pays 16 spots but only paid 8. One more player and 16 make the money.

I also went kind of deep in another event but got stupid near the bubble. I had a stack to get me through to the money and was trying to chip up. I tried a steal and eneded up calling a re-raise when I held A9. He held the golden A3 suited and knocked me out when a 3 hit on the turn.

I also played so NL cash games and had success. I was card dead o0n both tables for the first hour and then stacked a guy when my QQ improved to trips and he hit TPTK. I had a few other samll wins to keep me around starting stack for most of the night. It was a great table as 6 players VPIPs at 35% or higher. with 2 obove 50%. The chips flew back and forth until someone ran out and was replaced by a rock. It's great being able to see this information right in front of you instead of keeping track on paper. When it turned into a rock garden I got off and moved to another table.


I pitched bunting pratice for the girls on Saturday. It was fun to throw hard and not worry about a shot back up the middle. Anyway, these kids are doing so much better then last year. Now granted, 5 of the girls are in there 2nd year of travel ball but most of the others are not far behind. Some of the basic tools are being refined while the experienced players are being challenged with new and deeper drills. There is no question in my mind that this team will get to a championship game at some point this season.

Sunday came and the pitchers had the chance to throw together for the first time. Three of the girls, my daughter included look much better then last year with one of the girls moving up into the 3rd spot in the pitching rotation. She may even be ablt to move into second with the way she throws strike after strike. SHe throws a little slower then the two others but throws hard enough if the defense plays well. L and the other girl did well with L throwing a little harder and equally well throwing strikes. If she can get her change up over the plate she will have a great year.

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