Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Life

I’ve been trying to get hold of my dad for a few days. I call his house and get a busy signal each and every time I call. So yesterday my sister calls me and says she is having the same problem and asks if I’ll run over to his place. No problem. The wind is blowing snow all over the place and I have an hour + drive home anyway but I’ll be glad to drive way out of my way to check on him. Now I really have no issue with going over there because I am worried about him but the time just sucks.

The traffic wasn’t too bad and I made good time driving through the blizzard like conditions with idiots on the road. As I pull into his driveway I can see it has been shoveled so I’m sure he is OK but there is no answer at the door. I have a key but I know that he has to be down at the club.

I see his van and they let me into the AMVETS via the intercom system and there he is…sitting at the end of the bar. I don’t go there very often. The stench of stale cigarette smoke and old people who have given up on life fills the room with an appalling aura. No my father doesn’t fit into this category but for the most part this not a stereo typical remark. The average age of the people in the room is some place north of 65 and they go there to forget how they treated their families and brag about the glories of days past.

Dad and I sit together and talk about things that are going on in our lives. As a matter of fact I need to give him $1 for the bad beat I talked to him about. Anyway, a cold beverage with dad is always a good thing. The worry I felt when I could contact him was replaced with the joy of just talking about anything that came along.


The Enthusiast wife is under the weather. She contracted the sickness that enveloped M last week and is trying to fight through it now. I now have a slight fever and my throat is like sand paper. I don’t know if it was caused by sickness or the smoke filled room I spent so much time in last night.


It is Wednesday which means the Mookie but there is no Mookie tonight. I may play a little tonight but being Valentines Day, I may keep off the tables. If I play I’m going to play some NL cash games and maybe some RAZZ tourney action.

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TripJax said...

That can be a scary thing...I know I've freaked a little when I couldn't get in touch with a loved one...only to find out a logical reason for them not being available.

Hope the fam gets better...I mean it's valentines day man!