Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hammer Day News and A Deeeeep Run in HORSE

Well it was Hammer Day after all and it was the hammer being sucked out on that virtually crippled me.

I had a tough table to start with and it only got tougher as more bloggers replaced the non-bloggers. At one point I think every player at the table was a blogger. I dropped the hammer at one point when a player raised from early position and I came over the top. All folded and I showed the suited hammer. Shortly after that I doubled with KK in a similar situation where I came over the top of an early raise with a slightly bigger then min-raise. The flop was 445 and being first to act I thought an over bet for value would work and it did. He called my push with 33 and I’m sitting good. I got no cards for the next 30 minutes until the return of the hammer. I re-raised a short stack because I could and I called his push. His aces sucked out. A short time later I pushed an early raiser with my 66 and he called with JJ and I was done. It was fun to drop the hammer and not take the event so serious. I know I could have made a deeper run considering I was in the top 30 when I dropped the second hammer but who cares.

All this time I was playing in a HORSE MTT and making a good run. I eventually got here.

I didn't have a big stack but I was sitting with some chip equity. After 20 minutes of play we still had the same amount of players. My chip stack hasn't really changed.

We finally lost one and I chipped up a little.

Eventually I had to make a move and I got all my money in with 2 pair. He had a draw that didn't hit doubling me to a new level.

With new chips in my hands we moved along until we got here.

We had a great time fighting for position but eventually takeitdown81 and baronebrood slipped on the ice and I got heads up with 8888KUSH.

The hand above was won by me and gave me a 4 to 1 chip lead. But then stud came along and I ran into his KK behind 2 hands in a row while I held JJ and 1010 behind. It was a short time later that I eventually got finished off with some forgetable hand.

It was a nice run. Man I wanted 1st.

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very nice man!