Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Poker Office and Adjusting Your Game

I made a few adjustments to the categories for classifying players. The level for tightness was too large and I also made some adjustments to flag super tight players. I have never used any poker tracking software before so this is kind of fun. I can see some holes in my game, though they are not glaring holes, I should be able to plug them. The funny thing is that some of my issues will be taken advantage of by good players while other issues cause problems with less skilled players. I should have been using this much sooner.

And what am I using. It is PokerOffice. It works similar to other products and is customizable. If you don’t currently use any tracking software then I would suggest using this one. You can load hand histories into the database or use the live tracking function to start when you open a new table. It will also allow you to data mine other table even if you are not playing to gather information on future players you may face. Another added function is that you can evaluate your game at different buy-ins. This is a good tool for improving your game.

You can click on the link above and start using PokerOffice today.

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