Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Motor City and a Deeeeeep Run

Detroit is the city. Actually I’m in Auburn Hills but not nearly as many people have heard of Auburn Hills so I’ll stick to Detroit. Anyway, I’m here for TS training so that I know and understand the all the things involved with being a vendor for Chrysler. Fun Times.

This time of year making the trip from the western suburbs of Chicago to Detroit can be crazy with the lake effect snow and all so me and the person I came here with made the decision to fly. Hell, I’m not paying for it so why not. My flight was for 5:00 Sunday afternoon and even though we had some snow and some more was on the way I figured everything would be OK because the roads were fine. Well just in case I though it smart to go to the airline’s website and see if the flight was delayed or anything. It was canceled. And all other flights were canceled to Detroit except for one that was leaving in 3 hours. So I ended up making the drive. I made great time and got there about the same time I would have landed.

Being away from the family sucks big time. I’ve made numerous calls home to say good morning and good night but It would be better to be with them. The only thing I’ve done is play poker, watch TV and sleep. At least poker has been good.

I made a Omaha hl final table yesterday but didn’t make it far. I was sitting in 5th place when I had a nut low draw, nut flush draw, and straight draw and got all my chips in the middle. I blanked and got knocked out.

I also did this last night.

I stayed alive and eventually got to here.

My luckbox skills were in rare form as I hit a 4 flush when I got my chips in bad to get heads up.

2nd was the best I could do. I was very lucky from the last 30 players on. JT vs A5 good on a steal attempt to double me up. A8 was good vs AQ on another steal atempt. 77 vs 88 is gold for me as I spike a 7 on the flop. KQ vs. 99 on the final table but me in 3rd with 7 left.

I guess all the bitching about bad beats and bad luck doesn't matter ecause it does even out in the long run.

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