Monday, February 19, 2007

Not Much of a Weekend

I didn’t really play this weekend. Sure I fired up FT one numerous occasions to check on various bloggers but for the most part stayed off the tables. The on play I saw was firing up two sngs on Saturday when the wife and kids were out. 10 minutes later I got a call from my wife’s biological brother (yes my wife was also adopted and was contacted my members of her biological family) and we are now going to meet him in 15 minutes for dinner at a local pizza place. Ultra aggressive mode starts and I chip up huge with the passive plays from my opponents. The problem is that I know someone will catch a hand and they did and I get bounced in both. It was a lot of pushing and reraising and if I had more time I could have slowed down and taken both of the sngs but nope….I had to go.

It was fun talking to him again. We had been getting together with them on a regular basis but life got in the way a little. He and his family only live ½ an hour away I we like them a lot so maybe we’ll start getting together again.

L had a birthday slumber party last night and if you remember this post from last year then you can sympathize. It really wasn’t that bad because the basement became their home for the night and other then intermittent loud noises they were well behaved.

I have an ultra busy week ahead of me and will be heading to Detroit next week so I may not have any poker goodness to distribute to the masses of people who flock to this corner of the blogging universe.

I would like to say way to go to all the bloggers who had success during FTOP this last week and instead of listing them all, just check out this blog links to the right and have a look around.

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