Friday, February 16, 2007

Sickness and Playing Poker

My throat is raw but the drugs in my system have reduced the fever so that I can work coherently today. Yesterday was a day of lost focus and meandering thoughts that were time eaters. That must mean it is a good time to play poker.

I bubbled off a final table on UB with a 70% favorite but a short stack. The brutal part of the tourney happened late in the first hour. I had chipped up early when my KK beat out QQ and JJ for a triple up and I bought a few pots to put my at 6000 plus chips when I see 1010 in late position. A middle position guy raised it up and I called wanting to see a flop. Q10Q is what I see so I’m good to any hand except pocket queens. He makes a pot size bet and I min raise to get some more in the pot. He pushed and I call. He has AQ and he needs the case queen or to pair the turn card or his ace to win. 7 outs on the river and he hits an ace. A few hands later I get KK and raise with one caller. The flop is K77 and he pushes. I call and see his quads. Just before the break I get AA and get it all-in pre flop vs. JJ and lose to a flopped J. I’m now down to 780 chips. I went super aggressive until I had a starting stack back and then waited for hands. They cam at the right times and I moved up the field. I never fully regained the chip stack I hand % wise but did get back to 17000 or so. Near the bubble one bad hand on a steal attempt took away a large chunk of my stack before I was forced to push or fold. That was my game.

I also cashed in a couple of other tourneys but nothing really big.

And this wouldn’t be one of my bragging posts if I didn’t talk about RAZZ. I final tabled my biatch again in classic style. I stayed very tight and one a few big pots with big hands. I ended up 7th when my made 8 lost out on 7th to a 7. His down cards were good and he did have to make the call because he would have been all but out with a fold.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me so probably no poker. I’m thinking about a breakdown of my results so far this year so look for that in the near future.

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