Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let it Snow

It wasn’t a terrible drive this morning but it was slow and slippery. The forecast says it will continue to snow all day so I’m sure the drive home will really suck.

So with the wintry weather coming, I left the house 30 minutes early to make sure I had plenty of time to make it to work. It only took a little over an hour for the 23 mile drive so I was very happy with the commute. That is until I tried to open the front door to the building. You see, last week when it was really cold, we had a pipe burst. The water ran out the front door and settled between the pavers by the front door. Now if you understand what freezing and thawing does you will know that the bricks moved and thus the door doesn’t open more than a foot. A great start to the morning.

The other day I thought playing a stud SNG would be a great way to work on my stud game. In theory I was probably right but OMG. That had to be one of the worst experiences in my poker life. That game is more suited for cash games in my opinion. And the quality of play was terrible, including mine. It’s one thing to play this in a HORSE tourney but another to do it all the time.

And finally, Doyle didn’t get arrested yesterday. That is terrible news because we all know the kind of menace a man his age can be. I’m sure there are many of us much more deserving of hand cuffs then him.

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