Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Mookies' and Slow Rollers

I still don’t have Word loaded on my computer so I have to work with other media. It’s a pain but I’ll get through it.

I played the Mookie last night and went out around 30th place. I played OK but could have played better. I lost a good chunk of my stack early when I raised with AK from the SB to some limpers. I get one caller and the flop comes 746. I make a pot size continuation bet of 400 and get re-raised to 800. I let it go and he shows pocket 7s for flopped trips. An orbit later I get 77 and push my 690 chips over the top of lightning’s raise and he calls with AJ suited. My 7s hold up and I’m back to 1430. 2 hands later I get dealt pocket aces and call lightning’s all-in push with AK to almost double up an knock him out. I lost more chips when I raised with KQ suited and get re-raised. I call and folded to a crappy flop. I should have dropped the hand preflop. My downfall was limp re-raising and pot committing my self. I held 88 and limped from early position. There was a raise from a big stack and I came way over the top. I didn’t realize that I left myself thin on chips or I would have gone at it differently. I folded to a AKJ flop. I doubled back up when I pushed a raiser with my short stack while holding A9. He held JT and I won. My last hand I held 64 in the BB and called a raise and a call getting almost 4-1. The flop was 776 and I pushed with my almost post size chip stack. The villain who had been killing me all night has AA and I’m done.

The PLO HL tourney was fun and I ended up in 5th, 2 from the money. The highlight was flopping a straight flush on the first hand when the flop showed 678 all spades. I held the 95 of spades and got semi paid as three of us got all our money into the pot before it was over. I held tight but saw some flops. Never got the one hand I needed to make a serious run. With 5 players left I was the short stack but I did have fold equity and used it to chip up a few times. Eventually, I had to take a shot and got knocked out when holding Ac 2h 9s 4c. The flop is 4s 7c 2c and I push with 2 pair. NumbBono held the open ender and hit it.

I won’t go into Razz because it was un eventful.

Last but not least was a $2 tourney I jumped on. I played most of the tourney at one table and made it to 23rd place before getting slow rolled by an ass hat. I was as card dead as ever but took advantage of my 8% flops seen. As we got closer I took blind and got lucky when this happened.

I get K2 both spades and see a free flop from the BB. The flop is 465 with two spades. I check the action and it gets raised by 2/3 by my opponent. This is an easy call her. But do I want to call because I‘m 52% to win. I have 9 outs to the second nut flush plus 3 more cards for a straight. I’m in a coin flip situation. I may also have outs with the king so I might actually be the favorite. I push. He had me covered but I think calling a check raise from the BB with this board for 85% of your stack is a bad move. He calls with 88 and I hit the 3 of spades on the river to double up. He said ”nice suck out” in the chat box. I later doubled with AA and moved into the top 10. I increased my stack when I called a min-raise with A9 of diamonds. The flop is J3A and I check call a pot size bet. The turn brings a 9 and I check re-raise 2/3 pot bet and take it down. I could have min-reraised here but I would have been pot committed anyway so I figured I should push. I may have left money on the table. I lost a big chunk when I got 35 suited in the BB. The flop come TQA with 2 clubs and I check. My opponent makes a 3/4 pot bet and I raise to put him all-in. He calls with AJ and I don’t get the flush. This may have been a questionable move by me but I felt he had a weak ace with his limp. I wasn’t far off and many players will lay that hand down. I cranked up the aggression as we got deeper and my stack was short and stole numerous blinds. I eventually got knocked out with AJ suited. The big stack made a standard raise to 2400 and I pushed. He waits and says “lets race” and flips over pocket aces. I hit a J on the flop but that was it and I’m done. I was hoping instant Karma would get him and give me trips but it didn’t happen. F’n slow rollers suck. So if you see this guy (nosuckoutplease), clean his clock.

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Mondogarage said...

The funniest part about that straight flush is that I *never* saw it coming. All I saw was the three spade flop, looked down and saw A4s in my hand, and thought *BINGO*...I never even knew what hit me until the chips shipped your way, and my jaw just dropped...

But par for the course for me in Omaha is losing A-high flush to a straight flush. Gone out of three Omaha tourneys in a row on that hand.

I'll be happy to see you at a table again sometime.