Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Hammerday Poker Event and Self Appraisals

Play in this tonight if you have a chance. It will be a good time but I can't play.

What a day. We had a nice snow storm dump around 5 inches of fluffy fun everywhere so the commute home was a blast. There is nothing like driving home with a bunch of idiots on the road trying to put you in the ditch. Anyway, the boss came by around 2:00 and gave us all permission to go home for some reason. I stayed late and was the second to last to leave.

I bought a snow blower back in December because I’m fat. It was the best investment I’ve ever made based on the 5 minutes of time it took to clear my driveway. I should have done it years ago when, at my old house, I had a 100 foot driveway. We took turns shoveling that huge driveway and even with both my wife and I it would take well over and hour with a small snowfall. Live and learn I guess.

So after dinner I get a call from the HR guy at my work place. This is a strange thing because I can’t understand why he’d call me at home when I had just left there a couple of hours earlier. Crap, here we go again. Time to look for a new job or some other shit. Maybe Waffles and I can play $10 Razz tourneys everyday for a $2 profit. But as it turned out I needed to have my self appraisal ready for today.

I spend the next few hours answering silly questions about how I see myself doing my job. It wasn’t really that hard but I think that some of the questions are stupid. For example…

9. Adherence to Policy - The extent to which an employee follows safety and conduct rules, other regulations and adheres to company policies.

Now this is a standard question with responses being outstanding, very good, good and so on. How can you do an outstanding job of following the rules? You either follow them or you don’t. Good is the standard answer for doing your job requirements so anything better then good is self aggrandizing. Anyway, I got through that and fell asleep a little later. Great times.

I’ve thought about saying something like swimsuit models or Anna Benson to try to get more hits but I wouldn’t do that. Maybe something like A-Rod and Yankee baseball could get a few more hits.

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