Friday, February 09, 2007

Fry Day is Here

Not much to say today. It’s one of those days that makes you weary because of the never ending list of things that needs to be done is growing faster then you can complete it.

I played soccer again last night after my time off from an injured thumb. We had another goal keeper there so I played in the field and had a blast. During my first shift I blocked a shot that deflected off my thumb that made me say %$^#&%. But eventually the pain subsided and I am suffering no ill affects today. When the game started I had flashbacks of my injury because we were playing the same team. Visions of the pummeling I took in the net raced across my mind like the reruns on the history channel of the space shuttle Columbia tragedy. We ended up losing the game but it was well played and we had plenty of chances to take control. Our downfall was some loose defense and bad passes across the middle of the field.

Well Friday is here so that implies poker playing on my part but tonight may be an exception. I have a little work to do when I get home so I will only play if I can get done. Hopefully I’ll be playing the donkey game of Razz at some point but we shall see. I think I’ll stay focused and only play 2 or 3 tourneys. This seems to make a difference in how deep I go but we shall see.

My daughter turned 13 the other day. That means 3 years and she can drive which will bring a whole different meaning to family tilt. No she is probably mature enough to drive now but we all know that kids lose some sanity between the age 13 and some point in their early 20s. Then the sanity starts to return and they can actually become intelligent.

Well have a good weekend everyone. TTFN

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