Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A HORSE by Any Other Name is Still a HORSE

4th hand of the tournament I lose a big chunk of chips when I held QQ. UTG had aces and the button caught trip 10’s on the river. The sad thing is that I thought the one guy might have had aces and I raised him anyway. A stupid play that cost me a lot of chips.

I lost ground in Omaha hl and then Razz comes in. First hand I get 2JA and I complete with 2 limpers in front. This may be questionable but I figured they were not strong or they would have raised. I get a 4 on 4th street and take the pot when they all fold with high cards. I lose some back when my 64A3 only improves to a 9 and my opponent hits an 8 to put me down to 700 chips.

By the time stud hits I’m down to around 600 and I’m down to 500 quickly. With 473 left in my stack I get AA8 in stud and get my chips in the middle. I hit a boat to beat a 6 card flush to chip me up to 1043. I lose a little in high low with a flush draw and a good low draw that doesn’t hit to put me back at 718.

We finally get back to Hold’em and I have around 650 chips left. The blinds say that I try to get them all in when I make a move so I tried. In the BB I get 6J suited and call a middle position raise getting good odds. I flop a flush draw and decide that I will call anything at this point. Middle position guy min-raises and I call with the SB. A heart on the turn gives me the flush so I check hoping that they will put their money in. It’s checked around the river puts a straight draw on the board. The small blind raises and I push reraise. The middle guy folds and the SB calls. His JJ was no good and I move up to around 1500 chips. I fold to the end of the first hour to be just under starting stack.

It didn’t take long to lose some of the chips I had left. I get dealt JAJK double suited and raise it to eliminate some of the field. 4 of us see the flop and I end up having to fold on the river when my trip jacks see a flush draw. I’m now down to 900 chips and have to make a move. That’s when Razz hits again.

Razz my baby doll honey bunch come to me and put me back up near the top please. First hand I get 452 and complete it to 120 and all fold. 978 chips in my stack at this point. 4 hands later I complete with 522 and all fold. I have 1098 in chips. In the end she didn’t help much and I get to stud with 938 chips.

After numerous folds and no cards I’m sitting on 488 after stud is over. Time to pick a hand and go.

The 3rd hand of stud hl comes and I have JJQ and I complete to 200. I have 198 back and raise after 4th street. My jacks hold up for the high and I’m back to 901. A few hands later I get 9QQ and reraise eventually getting my chips all-in. I split and double to almost 1900 chips.

The next round of limit was uneventful until I looked at 77 UTG and raised it to 500 with one caller the flop came ace high so I bet hoping to push my opponent off and it worked. The next hand I get JQ suited on the SB and see a cheap flop. The flop comes 3J8 and I check raise the BB and get called. The turn is a 10 and I raise he calls. The river is a 4 but gives a flush draw and I bet he fold. I may have been behind here but the flush cards may have scared him away. I now have 3600 chips just in time for Omaha hl.

First hand I lose some chips to a shorty that hit and split the big pot. Down to 2200. The next hand I get A34A suited in clubs and raise with one caller. The flop is 1083 and I bet with my AA, he calls. The turn is an Ace and I bet he calls and the river is a K with a bet and call. I take down a big pot to move to 4700 chips. From this point I fold the blinds until Razz.

Come on my baby…help me out. I need you now. This part of the tourney gets tight as many players will not play marginal hands so steals can build your stack. Second hand and A23 takes the pot uncontested. I want action. Next hand I get 56A and call a raise. She pairs and I bet the on the 2 and take it down. Up to 5600 now. 5JA takes another pot when I catch a 2, 4, and 3 by 6th street. Up to 7700 chips. I made a mistake calling with 834 and not being aggressive after the flop. My opponent looked to have a better hand so I checked it down and he caught on 7th street to beat me. It wasn’t a big lose but I felt he may have folded if I bet aggressively. I win another pot with 374 to take the antes and end razz collecting a big pot with a made 7 on 6th street vs. a made 8 on 7th. I’m at 12,000 chips. Not long before I was on the felt. Razz I love you again.

My big hand was getting 101010 in stud and hitting a boat with two others going to 7th street with me. I moved to 23,400 and the chip leader. I lost a few and won a few to get back to hold’em with 22,300. I won a nice hand with 1010 and moved up to 25,500.

In Omaha I lost a few and made some more and moved to 30K plus before dropping to 27K when my lady Razz came back. But she is fickle and gave me no love. When stud started I was down to 20K and looking to get some back. I lost a big hand when I held 10s behind and folded on 5th to pressure. He showed trip 6s. two hands later I get Aces behind and I get one caller who is showing a 3. He reraises me with a jack on 4th street and we get our chips in the middle. He had trip 3s from the get go so I was drawing to two outs from the start. I go home.

It was a good game but I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get further. I made a good laydown just before the end but I didn’t make the one I needed.

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