Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hammerday Live Post

I'm gonna try to live blog todays event and play a horse MTT at the same time so stick with me.

8:00 An we're off. I have dugglebogey, love-elf and miamidon as bloggers at my table. SMTL to start.

8:07 waiting for the first hammer drop.

8:13 take a pot when I raise with AJ. Notice I said raise with AJ.

8:16 Kat got knocked out early.

8:23 buddydank is at the table.

8:27 double with KK vs 22. I reraised and pushed when the flop came low and got called. Overbet for value. Weak_player is at the table.

The table is almost filled with bloggers at this point.

8:35 sitting in 6th place in horse with 48 left.

8:37 dropped hammer Jeciimd is at the table.

8:40 4th in horse. Dugglebogey is gone with his 66 vs buddy's 77.

8:44 new table with vinnay and smokkee

8:49 2nd in horse

8:55 hammer got sucked out on by AA

I'm out. I pushed a raiser with 66. He held JJ.

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