Thursday, March 08, 2007

Trying to Play Poker While Live Blogging the Mookie

Trying to live blog isn’t that hard when you are only watching your own table. I have a small bit of respect for Mookie now that I’ve tried it but I don’t think I will do it again anytime soon. Go to here to see the commentary.

I started the night playing an ultra turbo SNG at UB just because I had time before the Mookie started. I stayed about as tight as you can in a tourney that has 2 minute levels hit the jackpot when I got 10s in late position and raised it up. One caller and the flop gives me trips so I raise it up and the other guy pushes with aces. So I cracked aces and on the next hand I get 10s again and I raise. A shorty pushes and gets one other caller so I call to see the flop. I hit trip 10s again and bust two more guys. Now it is bubble time and I have a huge stack so I’m raising with any two semi decent hands and suck out on a push with Q9 vs. KQ and then bust another guy with my J10 vs. his AK. I made short work of the final guy to take this donk-fest down.

My Mookie was OK as I got into the 2nd hour but I over played 1010 and left my self committed to a pot and lost to the JJ of pokerpeaker.

This knockout allowed me to concentrate on blogging and taking screen shots so her is a photo gallery of some of the action last night.

Here is Fuel pushing his KQ suited into peakers Aces and going home.

This is columbo getting unlucky after he gets his aces to only see the trip jacks surfexus is holding.

Surf sees the bad news.

Roberto doubles up.

Gcox doubles through Zeem.

Surf doubles up Mattazuma and is now the short stack.

He then gains some chips back at the expense of bayne when he hit an ace.

Roberto continues to win coinflips as he knocks out bayne.

Gcox doubles Through willwonka.

surf gets his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Mattazuma drops the hammer.

Surf wins a coin flip to eliminate zeem.

Roberto's queens knock out Mattazuma. Then I don't know what happened other then I started to watch instead of take screen shots. The next thing I know we are down to 4 players.

Mean_G stays alive with his best hand hitting a king on the turn.

And then he knockes out pokerpeaker with his pair of 2s.

Roberto eleminates Mean_g to get heads up with Astin.

How I didn't get any screen shots of Astin I don't know. Mainly because he was pushing players off their hands and building his chip lead. Great game all and see you next time.


pokerpeaker said...

When you re-raised me I seriously considered folding, but one reason I"m doing well in the Mookie lately is because I'm being more aggressive preflop. When you paused I didn't put you on AA,KK or QQ, so I figured I at least had a race. You were probably thinking the same thing. I don't think I would have pushed had I not had you covered and had some chips to play with (although not a ton there).
Nice to meet you.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

That was my thinking with my re-raise. Did you want to go to bat with less than a top hand. my problem was the size of my re-raise. If I min raise I may be able to steal it later instead of playing push and pray poker.

Astin said...

Great job on the liveblogging last night. I like how you missed any shots of me... I'm just in the background with a constantly increasing stack, which pretty much encapsulates any game I do well in :).