Monday, March 12, 2007

It Was a Weekend and March Madness Bracket

I have started a bracket pool on espn. If you would like to be involved go to ESPN and create an account. If you are interested you can e-mail me at thepokerenthusiast at and I will give you the details. I'm looking at $5 per entry with 5 entries max. The payout will be like a poker tourney so it will be based on the number of entries. You will be ablt to send me the money by transfer on Full Tilt and if you win I will send it back the same way. Send me your screen name and I will give you the group information. I must have the entries by tip off of the first game as well as the money transfered to be elgible. Contact me if you have any questions. Here is a link to the page.


With all the luck that friends and family have been having as of late my wife went with to another wake on Friday night. That left me in charge of our three kids as well as the two children of the lady that went with her. So what do I do? I fire up the poker machine because they all get along and they are old enough to stay out of most trouble.

The first success I had was in this event.

This isn’t a game I play a lot but I do enjoy it. I made a nice run and again got knocked out when I had great draws to the nuts after the flop.

I also played the daily doubles and had a good shot at cashing in both but came up empty in the A event. The B event is a different story. I chipped up a little early after getting AQ three hands in a row and betting out each time. I also doubled up just before the first break to put me at around T5000. I lost some chips with pocket 6s that complete gave me no chance on the flop that came AK10. The next hand I get queens and A shorter stack of 2100 raises to 350 (blinds are 50/100) and gets called by a huge stack. I raise to twice the pot and the shorty call while the big stack folds. The flop is K35 so I put him in because I won’t fold to a 351 chip bet anyway. He shows A9 with a flush draw but my queens hold and I move up to T9000. I won a few more with pocket kings just before finding QQ again. This time I have to throw them away on a bad flop. I folded for a while until my card rack returns with aces. An early position guy calls and I raise to 720 from middle position and get called buy the same guy. The flop gives me trips but leaves a possible flush draw. I want all of his chips so it gets checked around. A king on the turn looks good to me in that I hope he has hit so I make a3/4 pot bet. He insta pushes and I call to see his AJ and no flush draw. I know have T14000. I again win a big hand with aces and move to T18800. I won a big hand with A8 after the SB limped after everyone else folded. I made a big raise and he called with pocket 2s. I hit and 8 and moved to 24,000. I took a few blinds that put me in around 10th place with around 90 players left. I made a position raise with K10 suited and got called by the BB big stack. The flop hit me with a king put I layed it down to an aggressive play by the big stack. This was a bad decision. He was playing big stack poker and I wilted. A push over the top was the right play and if I get beat so be it. It would have cost him over half his stack to call. My game was just about over. A push monkey raises from the button and I call with KJ. Stupid play by me in that even if he was on a steal I called with a less then stellar hand. Down to 7000 I get K10 and push from the SB and the BB has AK.

Talk about screwing up a good run. In 4 hands I went from sitting great to out. I went away from what was getting me there. Enough said.


Softball Enthusiast had her first game of the on Saturday night. It was in a field house in Dekalb so the conditions were great. We didn’t keep official score but I think her team won by two. She threw OK after calming down a little and gave up one run in her only inning of work. She did have two strikeouts and gave up no hits but the walks have to stop for here to be successful. Hitting wise she was great. She beat out an infield chopped, hit a nice line drive between 1st and 2nd and hit a stand up triple to deep left center field. 3 for 3 is never a bad thing and she looked very ready to play. Over all the team looked so so mainly because the new girls were not ready for the speed of the game. After about the third inning they all settled down and the play solid. All but one girl had a hit and none of them were scared by the solid pitching from the other team. One thing I know is that these girls will hit regardless of anything else.

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