Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Softball and Basketball and Poker, Oh My

What can I say. The ass-hats that are my daughter's coaches said basically what I thought. I don’t mind because we did agree to play with their team and you must do what the coach says. You don’t have to like it. She’ll still get time on the mound but more then likely she’ll be used out in the field or as a catcher because she can.

They are using a challenge system for playing positions so realistically she could try for any position on the team and be rated first. I like the idea in that it encourages competitiveness but it may also cause animosity among the players.

Softball Enthusiast asked me what positions she should compete for and I said all of them that you like. The plan is for catcher, pitcher, 3rd base and short stop. In my biased opinion she stands a good chance of being the top rated player at any position she plays but like I said…I’m biased.

One problem I see is that the coaches talk about each of the kids having an infield and outfield position. How does that work if you are using a challenge system for positions? Generally speaking, Each position will have a depth chart so that as players are used for other spots, a position is filled by the next one on the depth chart. In essence, if you don’t challenge for an outfield position then you will not make the depth chart. And how do you create any amount of equity in playing time if you base your decisions on the chart. These are 11 and 12 year old kids that need playing time to improve. You also have to look at the fact that even though they are children, they know who the better players are. Sure, there are some playing that may give it up in a year or two but some of these girls take it seriously. The serious girls are learning to trust in their coaches and sending mixed signals will only confuse them.

That’s enough softball because it is working me up.


I’m sitting in a tie for 4th place in Mookie’s March Madness tournament Bracket pool. The killer for me was picking Texas to go deeper then out in the second round. My potential points are not as big as some of the remaining players but if Kansas wins I’m pretty sure I’ll take it down as none of the players above me have them winning it. I can almost assure a cash if they make it to the finals. I can also end up way out of the money if my picks don’t come in.

And speaking of Mookie, the Mookie is tonight at 9:00 central and the 2nd chance, PL HA, starts at 10:30 so come out and have some fun. I’m looking forward to how I can get knocked out this week as an 80-20 favorite. There is also the added incentive to knock out Mookie for a free buy-in next week. Also, Al has put up a month of Mookie events if you can knock out fuel with 55.

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Thanks for the tourney pimp and for playing last night.