Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Donkey Enthusiast

I guess you could say I played the Mookie events last night but I’m not sure it was me. It may have been The Donkey Enthusiast who looks a lot like me. I think I sat down ready to play but when I lost my connection for about 10 minutes I went on money in tourney and I can’t play tilt. I was 10 minutes before Razz and I made the choice of switching to my lap top. When I tried to log on got the never ending searching for site message. The real problem was that I was getting ready for razz, had money in the Mookie and the 2nd chance. $22 bucks out there that I can’t play with was pissing me off. I eventually got on and made a nice run in razz but my Mookie was short lived. I had no focus and I would have just left other then I like the company. I ended up pushing my hammer into pocket 6s that tripped up on the flop. By the time the 2nd chance came around I had calmed down and caught a great card vs. jeciimd when I had an straight draw, flush draw, and could also catch one of 2 queens to win the pot. I made a pot size bet on the turn and he pushed with trip jacks. I got my straight on the river to take most of his chips. I knew I had a lot of outs and it turned out to be 16. So it was a suck out but not a big one.

We got down to 4 players and I catch trip queens on the flop and check raise hoy all-in. I also held the nut flush draw and he held a straight and straight flush draw and gets it to knock me out on the bubble. One good river deserves another.

I really have to make the choice of not playing when I don’t feel on my game. The –ev isn’t good and I am trying to eliminate the mistakes I made when my bankroll took a dive late last year. I’m almost back to the level I was 5 months ago and with some sound play I’ll get there.

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