Friday, March 23, 2007

Go Kansas and Going to the Store on Friday

No poker last night as I had a meeting at church and then watched b-ball. Ohio State came back from 17 down at half time and won the game against Tennessee. I give them credit for a great comeback but Bruce Pearl blew this game. With a 17 point lead at half time you should not loose. Tennessee kept firing up off balanced 3-point shots and bricking them and he didn’t get them back under control until it was to late. He did put some full court pressure on them after Oden got his 4 foul and it seemed to spark the team but then he took it off.

Kansas is still my road to glory in Mookie’s bracket pool. If North Carolina and Kansas make it to the finals I’m in the money and if Kansas wins I win. I’m still in a tie for third but some of the players above me took hits last night so I’m on my way. They few other brackets that have Kansas winning are behind me in the standings.

Well it is Friday, which means poker at my house. The problem is that it won’t start until late if it starts at all. We have to go get cleats for Softball Enthusiast and Speedy Enthusiast (notice I’ve been using the names trip) and that involves a trip to the sporting goods store. Now I love going to the store with the family because everyone always finds what they want right away so we’re in and out in no time at all. So maybe if I’m lucky this will only take a few hours.

That’s it for now so have a great weekend on the felt.

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