Monday, March 26, 2007

Emergency, Emergency

Friday night was a night like any other. I logged on to play some poker and I see that Chris Ferguson is signing up for some $5 tourneys on Full Tilt like Horse, PL Omaha and Razz and since I like these events I jumped on. The fields quickly swell into the 300+ people range so I’m excited about the chance to go deep in one of these. Horse kicked off first and I was card dead for the first hour. I think I was sitting just below starting stack when Razz hit the second time and I chipped up a little. Stud was my friend as I hit a boat and a straight to gain significant chips. I moved into stud hl and won a little more and by the end of the second hour I was sitting great. By the time I got to the end of Stud hl in the 3rd hour, I had a top ten chip stack of 13K and we were just off the money. I know I’m going deep and with this bigger field the final table pays much better then most nights. The it happened. I lost Full Tilt.

My connection started going crazy I was in and out of the action and couldn’t do anything about it. Waffles was playing some Razz and he said he was having no issues. I got on the girly chat and tried to get in touch with slb and but neither were around the computer. I gave surf a call on the phone but he didn’t answer, he was playing live at kurokitty’s, and then my savior answered back on the chat box. Slb came to the rescue as I gave him my password so he could continue the tourney for me.

All this time I’m trying to get back on Full Tilt but I get nothing. Only that stupid little connection screen you get before you sign on is showing up. Slb then logs out of the girly chat and I can’t get him back. Visions of my miniscule bankroll disappearing run through my head as I waited patiently for his reappearance. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he logs back in and sends me a message. “I had to reboot”. Relief is what I felt and he takes over the game with 27 players left and sitting in 17th place. My chip stack was down to 7K and I start to think about what could have happened if I didn’t lose my connection.

So here I am, sitting with my laptop, unable to see what’s going on. I want updates every second but I eventually just sit back and wait for the reports. The he posts in the chat “pokerenthusiast collects 10K from the side pot, pokerenthusiast collects 48K from the main pot”. He had moved us into top 5 with 14 left. From this point on he gained some chips and lost some chips but he got us to the final table.

At this point I tried to log onto Full Tilt again and did so with an old account and watched the final table from the side lines. I took a few screenshots of “our” success for posterity and at the end of the 4th hour we were in 4th place with 5 left.

At this point I asked him if he wanted to finish the game or hand it back to me. I honestly didn’t care if he wanted to finish but he let me take it back. I signed back on and outlasted the short stack.

At this point, nobody had an M much greater then 20 and mine was around 10. It was really a time to catch some cards. In the end, I took a hit when I played back at the big stack on my right and got caught. I was then virtually crippled and got my chips in the middle with Ah4 vs. Kh5 and the flop came with 3 hearts 457. Of coarse my better starting hand gets out flopped but I do have the nut flush draw. It doesn’t come in and we go out 4th.

I can’t say enough about slb. I put him in a tough position by asking him to take over in a game he doesn’t play. He came through with flying colors so I honor him today with a shout out. I offered to split with him but he said a split wasn’t needed. We all know that wasn’t true.

You can go to his recap of the event here.


Yesterday Speedy Enthusiast decided to fall and separate here shoulder. She’s ok but a late night visit to the ER and a sling later means no PE class for a week. She was at a friend’s house on a trampoline and landed on here back with her arm behind her. I can feel her pain.


slb159 said...

Thx for placing your poker trust in me. Was a pleasure schooling those donks.


jjok said...

well done to you both......nice little score.