Friday, March 09, 2007

I Continue to Love Horse

The wife and kids were gone last night so that gave me the chance to play a little poker. I started with a little Omaha hl at UB that ended ugly and moved over to FL for some HORSE and Razz. I ended the evening back at UB playing a couple of SNG and chatting a little with JJ.

Omaha was solid other then I didn’t cash. I had a nice run and was in position to make something happen until running cards took a chunk of my chip stack. I worked hard to gain it back but it wasn’t meant to be as I got knocked out about 12 from the money.

I jumped on the HORSE tourney at FT and saw Don Morris sitting across the table. We chatted up a little as he chipped up and I maintained my chip stack I eventually got moved and I never saw him again. But I did play well for the most part.

It did start well in that I gave away some chips in Omaha hl and when we got to Razz I was at this level.

As you can see my chip stack is low and the cards you see are indicative of what I was getting in Razz. I eventually got a hand when I saw this.

I’m always going to play this kind of hand with a raise because I’m more than likely ahead and I want chips in the pot when ahead. But then I get this on 4th street.

I chickened out and got away from it but as you can see from my small chip stack that I’m in trouble. But the next hand I see this.

This may not be the best spot for this hand but I made up my mind that I was going to war. Stud was about to start and I’d rather get knocked out in Razz, playing a game that I play well. We end up getting to here and I survive.

Early in Stud I see a cheap 4th street and pair my 10. My opponent bet into me so I raised to see where his was at. He only called so I figured him for nothing but the Q.

Smelling weakness I bet on 5th street when it appeared to be a blank for him and he again called.

6th street gave me one of his 6s but also gave him a double draw to a flush as well as a straight but I bet out hoping to find out where I stood. He called so I’m wondering if he really has something or is just chasing.

I check 7th and we show down with this result. I’m not sure what he was calling with to my aggression but it didn’t hit and I chip up.

When we got to Stud hl I woke up with 666 and bet out and get three callers.

I continue to bet on 4th street and hope to keep everyone in the game.

I get quads on 5th so at worst I’m splitting the pot so I continue to bet out and I get heads up.

He hits the low and we split.

A little later I wake up with this hand and I bet into the pot.

4th street gives me two pair and I continue to try and build the pot without driving guys away.

5th street gives my opponent trips and I have to drop my hand. This may have been a key hand in that some players may chase here but I only have 4 outs at best and I may only have two. I think I have to fold here.

I won a nice pot from the blinds when I flopped 2nd pair. I made a reraise after the flop and bet out on the turn to represent the flush and I take it down.

I chipped up a little more until we got to Razz again when I got this hand.

As you can see the next card was nice to me so I continue to bet. Some will check here because it is a small bet but his 8 should keep him in the game regardless unless he gets a terrible card on 5th.

I missed catching a screen shot of the hand that put me over the top but catching a low straight in Stud hl is a good thing. I scooped the huge pot and moved into the chip lead as the final table approached. When we got to the final table it looked like this.

I was in a great position. Top three should be easy and I’m feeling great about my chances to take it down. That is until this hand. I get dealt 2c Jd Qh Ac. I have suited hl possibilities as well as some connecting cards so I see the 1000 chip flop. The flop is K3T with 2 clubs so my draws are top notch. One player bets and I call. I should have re-raised here but I didn’t want to commit to much before having my hand made. The turn is an 8 giving me nut high draws and nut low draws so I have to stick around. The river is the J of clubs so I have the nut high. He bets into me and I insta raise. We cap it and the chips are pushed to him. WTF. Wait… that wasn’t a 2 of clubs…it was a 2 of spades. What a moron I am. I cripple my self by being an unfocused idiot. I held on for a while and got some chips back but got knocked out way to early for my chip stack.

This was a great example of losing focus and how it can be –ev. I left a lot of money on the table because of a few distractions.

So I also played some Razz last night and had great starting hands but no love as I got knocked out a little before the money. I had some picture for that also but I’ve spent enough time on this today.

Have a great weekend.

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