Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Live Blogging the Mookie

Boy Enthusiast: Mommy, Brad doesn’t want to play with me.

Mrs. Enthusiast: What’s the matter?

Boy Enthusiast: You know how you always want me to try my best…well the score is 8-2 and Brad has 2 so he’s mad.

Mrs. Enthusiast: Why don’t you let him score a couple to make it closer?

Boy Enthusiast: But that’s not trying my best…you always want me to try my best…right?

How do you argue with that logic? He has my competitive spirit for sure.

The other day I took Boy Enthusiast to a birthday party. I had to drop Softball Enthusiast off at practice first and I mentioned that we would go back tot the practice after I dropped him off. Speedy Enthusiast didn’t want to come back to the practice so Boy Enthusiast says ”I would rather stay and watch Softball Enthusiast practice but I feel I have to go to this birthday party” He’s 5 years old.


Tonight is the Mookie so I think everyone who is cool should be there. It will have the donkiest of bloggers, namely me, so you already have a +EV if you play. The 2nd chanse tourney is Stud and even though I suck at Stud I will probably donate to the prize fund.

Overall I’m trying to improve my finishes from last time when I final tabled both events and didn’t cash. I’m offering up my live blogging skills to Mookie so We’ll see you at the Mook.


TripJax said...

A and B went over to C's house for a poker game. D showed up and got pissed cause he didn't know about the game. B tried to be cool and C tried to see things from D's point of view. A just sat there saying, "Ay, what's going on?"

Dude, you gotta come up with some names for those people so we can understand what the hell you are talking about yo.

For instance, when I'm writing about the fam, the wifey is ChickJax, the boy is KidJax and the little one is LilJax.

Might see you at the Mookie tonight...

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I'll take it under advisement.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I made the changes for you tripjax.

TripJax said...

Now that I can get with!