Saturday, March 03, 2007

March Begins, Token Frenzy, and HORSE

I had a great month in February. It wasn't lucko great or Fuel great but for me it was a success. I played 37 tourneys and had 12 final tables on two different sites. I cashed in aabout 35% of the MTTs I played in and got to the final table in 4 different styles of play. Overall my bankroll increased % wise more then any other month other then the first month I played. My ROI was almost 60% overall. I've regained almost half of what I lost during the 2 month slide I encountered and feel better about my game now then I ever have.

I think the biggest improvement with my game is that I'm staying in my comfort zone and staying away from taking the big tourneys while my bankroll regains its previous levels. I'm staying focused on the proccess of bankroll management and not letting the fonkeys and fuktards blow me away.


I play a token frenzy tonight and ran into another idiot who thinks calling after a raise and a reraise, with QJ this time, is a great call. I guess KK is a hand I should fold from now on as it seems to be killing me. Really I'm glad guys will call with hands like that because it will be good in the long run.

Friday was my first tourney night of the month and It went well over all as I did this.

I got cold decked and crippled after getting QQx vs. AAx as well as trip 6s vs. trip 9s. I played a sound game and played aggressive to keep moving up the ladder as the game progressed. Lets see if I can match my 12 final tables from last month.

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