Thursday, March 29, 2007

Creating a New Focus

Yesterday started out with a quick jaunt to work before heading up north to a customer with one of the sales guys. We ate lunch at a place called Qdobe that was uninspiring and got to the plant around one o’clock. An hour of plant tours and discussions went smoothly as they make a transition that could double our sales to them. We got to the office just in time for me to head home so over all it was a great day at work.

From there I headed to church for Wednesday service followed by choir practice. We are doing a 25-minute cantata next weekend so we spent 2 hours rehearsing this interesting piece of music. We have it all but licked and will be ready by game time.

I didn’t get home until after the start of the Mookie so I didn’t get to play but I did watch as Don dismantled the field. He caught a big hand when he flopped a full house to newin’s straight to take a huge chip lead at the final table.


Smokkee and Waffles have had their sng challenges and even though I like sngs, I don’t think I want to be forced to grind that many out. But, what I’m going to do is put $5 into my old account and try a little low level grinding. It will have to go well early or the huge rake that FT charges for the $1 sngs will kill me. I think I’ll do 20 and reevaluate where I’m at. When I get to 15 buy-ins at a level then I will move up to the next level. Additionally, I will drop down if I go below 15 so that I can stay in bankroll management mode. Ultimately, I want to see if I can build it up to the $5 level within 100 sngs. I think this is doable. In the end, I will keep track of how many it takes to reach my goal and then try to beat it later.

I’ll also continue to play some tourneys as these are truly my passion. My MTT game has come so far that it would be a shame to just push it aside for a little quest. The difficult part will be doing this with the time constraints I have. I have cut my playing time in at least half, more like a third during the last few months so trying to grind out these sngs and still play tourney will be difficult. I suppose I could just bit the bullet and take one night a week and bang out 15 or 20 sngs but I’m not sure I want to do that. We’ll have to see how it works out.

As I re-read this, you can see, I’m trying to accomplish a focused goal with this sng challenge but my resolve is wavering. I don’t want to give up the MTTs. I don’t know, do I scrap the idea or just do it and ignore my desires?

Tell me what you think.

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