Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Did I Sell My Soul?

Yes, I pimped my self out yesterday and I feel dirty. Using the tools that I have available to make a little cash, selling the one thing that I had that was pure...my poker blog. The lord knows that there was nothing else pure about me. However, is it wrong to do what I did? Is writing a review for a small cash payment a bad thing? Let us take a look.

All of us play poker in an attempt to make money. I know I’ve talked about being competitive and all that but our success can be derived from our wins and losses. Moreover, our wins or losses amount to a monetary value so in essence we play poker to make money.

Many of you reading this blog have a blog you call your own and chronicle events in your life. I for one use my blog to talk about some of my family life as well as my successes and failures on the virtual felt. Others of you use your blog as a form of releasing life’s frustration and only have poker as a common thread with the community. Some use there blog as a way to show their greatness while others bring a humor that lightens our hearts. None of these are nobler then another and thus we are all equal in reasoning. Some don’t write as well as others but we fulfill our needs through our writing.

In my case, I saw a way to gain a little fun money at the expense of same space on my blog. Many of us have banners on different parts of our blogs, I just chose to a different avenue this time. Believe me, I make a little of nothing on my banner advertisements. Anyway, before I agreed to do the review I checked the site out and made the decision to do it based on a couple of things. First, was this a site that I found to be offensive? That was not the case. Secondly, is there a practical use for the site? I found that there were some uses for the site.

Based on the criteria above I felt it was ok to do a review. If the answers would have to my questions would have unacceptable then I would have turned it down. I think taling a small payment for a review is perfectly fine because we’ve all done reviews of some sort without payment so why not get a little.

Besides, maybe I’ll use some of this money to get me to a WPBT event.

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SirFWALGMan said...

pfft, just mark the title as: review and anyone who hates that crap can ignore it. make a few bucks for your hard work.

I think when it becomes a problem is if you say things you do not believe just for the ad.. I.E. If you think a site sucks but recommend it.