Monday, March 05, 2007

Sometimes Poker Doesn't Matter

I wrote my little story the other day about a family auto accident before I knew about some friends of the family. They’re not good friends but really the family of good friends…but that doesn’t make this less tragic. Their daughter was killed in a car accident Friday morning on her way to school. She was 17.

Many of us have children and all of us are some ones child so there is a degree of understanding and empathy we feel when we hear something tragic like this. Our children shouldn’t die before us….they have so much to look forward to in life but when it gets snatched away because of some unfortunate accident of a long battle with an illness life hits us hard.

Right now her mother is getting ready to be strong at her dead daughters visitation. She doesn’t feel strong but she wants everyone to know that life will go on and that she appreciates their support. The alone times are the ones that hurt. When nobody is there to console her and the world crashes into her being like the car who T-boned her daughters car. There is no justice….just pain.

We will be there for her as will many other people over the next few days. But when the people go away and the silence screams mercilessly at her, tearing at her sanity as she grieves for her fallen child, hopefully she gain perspective and honor the life she had as well morn the life she missed.

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