Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bad Beats are a Part of Life

This isn’t really a bad beat post but it is a list of my night. I’ve been reading the various blogs out there and many of them have one thing going for them...their good hands didn’t hold up. It seems to go in streaks and it can be hard to deal with as you repeatedly get your money in with the best only to lose. So I’m gonna take a small shot at explaining my night and that I don’t care about the beats because we all go through it.

I’m top 5 in a PLO tourney and the game is moving along well. I hit trips on the flop and get a shorty in and he hits running spades for a flush. The end of my game saw me flop the nut straight and lose to a runner runner full house. So this is a great start to my day.

In the Mookie I get involved in a hand where I hold pocket 10s. I’m in the BB and the cutoff raises to 150, the button calls and so do I. The flop is 985 with two diamonds and I check with intentions of coming over the top of the cutoff or button continuation bet that I know will come. The button makes a 600 chip bet into the 500 chip pot. This screams of I don’t want a caller or a flush draw to stay around so I raise it to 1200. The chat’s “damn it” because he knows he is behind but pushes anyway. He has A9 and has 5 outs and I get knocked out when he hits his Ace. No love.

I play another PLO tourney right after getting knocked out of the Mookie. I’ve chipped up some and get involved with a shorty while holding AA T6 double suited. I raise the pot pre-flop and the shorty pushes with 98QJ and two hearts. The flop is 4x4h5x, turn 6h, river Qh. And I lose to a runner runner again. I chip back up with my huge skills. Before this hand. I raise with KKJ4 and get called by one player. I flop trip kings and bet out all-in and get called by two pair Aces and Kings with three diamond. Runner runner diamonds end my game.

The Mookie 2nd chance was also PLO and I played two hands. In the first I get Qd 9d Qs Ah and raise it up. And lose on the river to a straight. My last hand I hold 9d Ks 9h Ah and flop trip 9s but my opponent hits a straight on the river to knock me out.

It was a great night of poker.

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WindBreak247 said...

Ouch dude. That's a rough night.

Variance is an unbelievable concept. There is absolutely no scientific reason why we should run so streaky. In a perfect world the variance would just blend in and you wouldn't really feel it. You'd make steady progress on the game getting your money in good, and suckout or get sucked out on every now and then. But instead you have to run good enough to get your confidence way up just in time to have it toppled in a streak of suckouts each of which is worse than the last.

Hope things turn around quickly for you. I'm trying to recover from a gnarly strech myself.