Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Business and Riverchaser's

I had a business trip yesterday that involved a 3 hour trip each way with my boss and two other guys. We make the trek to just north of Milwaukee to the customer’s plant and our contact said he didn’t know we were coming. We made the plans last week but somehow he forgot. We ended up calling on another customer and got some swag so it wasn’t a total loss but it was disappointing.

I got home at my regular time ready to cook some steaks on the grill. Now for most of my life I’ve been a charcoal kind of guy but with a family of five that is always on the run I have converted to the gas grill. So I fire up the grill and get the meat all ready to go but I have a problem…the gas is out. This isn’t an issue because I have two tanks and can make the change over in no time at all. But I know the other tank is empty and I’m not going down to the gas station to exchange a tank for $20 when I can get it filled for8 or 9 at the FS in town. So steaks were enjoyed but out of the oven.

So with a day on the road I had blogs to read so I jumped on the computer and checked bloglines for some good reading material. I read a few thing when I happened to find that Al is running a freeroll HORSE tourney for the Riverchasers so I jump on for some free fun and a chance for part of the $100 prize pool.

I had Bobby Bracelet sitting to my left a few spots but nobody else I recognized. I donked off a few chips durng the first few rounds and got some back in Razz. Stud hit me in the face with some great hands and by the end of the first break I had 5500 chips.

On the second hand after the break I was dealt AAJJ and hit a J on the flop. The board paired giving me the high boat to scoop a 2900 chip pot. I also won a nice hand in Razz but basically held my own to this point. My lucky hand of the night saw me with pocket 10s in a raised pot with two other players and being last to act. The flop is 78Q and the BB bets and UTG raises. UTG had raised preflop but I want to see if he is strong so I 3-bet and the BB caps. I figure I’m behind and I will drop the hand unless I get a good card and I did. Another 10 came on the turn. The BB bets and UTG calls. I raise and they both call. The river is a jack giving many straight possibilities and it is checked around giving me the win. The BB had a queen and UTG had pocket kings. So now I’m at 14K and in 2nd overall. I end the 2nd hour near the top and ready for my Razz game to push me up.

Razz gave me no love as I didn’t get one playable hand. We are near the money and in stud when I get jacks and queens on 4th street during stud. I’m ready for the hand that puts me at the top except I run into trip aces from the beginning and I’m crippled. I doubled on the next hand with three diamonds that turned into two pair to get me back to 6000. At the bubble I get 578 suited in Stud hl and complete the bet with 2 callers, one being alcanthang. I catch a 4 so I now have a good low going as well as a backdoor flush and a gut shot straight chance so I call Al’s bet. 5th street is the 10 of my suit so I raise al’s bet all-in and catch a six for the straight and the low vs. his kings. The virtual end of my night happened when I tried a steal with A10 and got re-raised Bobby BI who was short so we got it all-in. He had AK and I’m down again. I doubled back up but ended up out in Omaha and finished 17th.

It was a fun night and thanks goes to Al for hosting the event.

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