Friday, January 18, 2008

Emergency and Tonight's KORD

I had a crazy day yesterday as I went through what should have been a typical day of work.

Everything started well but it came to a panic point when the Customer Service Manager came into a meeting I was in and said the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency had just shown up and there was no top management in the building. It seems that the General Manager was at a class and wouldn’t be back for about an hour and the President had just left for the hospital because he was having chest pains. The Accounting Manager had taken the president so we have to take care of this. I jumped up and met the guy in the front office and found out what he needed and proceeded on a plant tour. We also took care of finding the paper work he needed and sent him on his way.

I read an interesting post over at highonpoker that got me thinking a little bit about the skills involved in Razz. One of the comments that Jordan made was that Razz isn’t really a tournament game and that the variance involved makes it difficult to be profitable. He also talked about Razz cash games being where the money should be made because solid decision making will earn you a profit over time. And finally he said that the skills needed for Razz are not as deep as the skills needed for other forms of poker.

For the most part, I agree with what he says. I think Cash games can be exploited…especially at the lower levels and I do agree that some of the skills needed for Razz pale in comparison to other games. But I do think that you can earn a profit playing Razz tourneys. The key is, and I’ve written about it before is identifying the bad players and using there flaws to get you in position for success. Yes, when you get deep, everyone is at a critical point in the tourney and one mistake leaves you out of the money. And yes, you don’t have as much control over your destiny but it is about making the right decisions. I may write some more on this at Brickin The Nutz

Go read the post…I was well written and well thought out.

Tonight is the KORD. It is an event that I started a while ago and is really just an extension of my enjoyment of playing a donkey game like Razz. Check out the banner for details.

Also, Kat’s Donkament is tonight at 8 central. The password is donkarama.

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