Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 and 2008

The year in review was a bit of an eye opener. Overall, I think it was a good year in that I made money as a full time MTT player. My skills at bingo are goot. Anyway, I only had one really bad month, November, which seems to be a trend for that month. In the end I had a return of about 10% for the year in about 500 tournaments. I cashed in 24 % of the tourneys I played, including sngs with 18 or more players. For the record, I didn’t play many multi table sngs but I did play a few. In the end I final tabled about 11% of the tourneys I played. This number is skewed a bit by about a dozen or so token frenzies I played.

I big change has been how I play the game. I have a much better understanding of game play in the middle stages of tournaments and my bubble game has improve a lot in my opinion. I have changed my game up a little but I’m still working on opening up my game some more. I need to play some more connecting hands with position and have had a little success with in over the last month or so. The biggest thing I did this year was take a couple of shots at bigger events. I played the FTOP Razz event for $300+ which is by far the most I have paid to play in a tournament. I also played the Poker Stars Razz event for $200+. This is also shows how well the year went overall because I could never justify playing those kind of events in the past. If I don’t play those tourneys I have a better year overall based on ROI.

My poker plans for 2008 or simple.

1) Play a couple of FTOP events.
2) Play 500 MTTs.
3) Work at improving all of the games I play.
4) Play 100 Razz tourneys.
5) Try and make a blogger event.

I’m not placing any financial goals because success will come with solid play. It is really a matter of putting in the time.

My life goals for 2008 are also simple.

1) Be a better husband.
2) Be a better dad.
3) Lose weight.
4) Work on creating the business I’ve been thinking about.

So there you have.

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