Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I'll start off with a little poker today though there isn't much to say. I played a qualifier to the FTOPS Razz event on Friday night and bubbled the cash. I had a nice stack going but couldn't get the hand I needed to get me over the hump. The sucky part was not having a token to buy in with so I spent $75 and got no return for it. I also played the 2K Razz and cashed on the final table bubble. It would have been nice to go deep there to make up the lose but it won't to be. I finished the night grinding back my losses to end the evening at even.

Saturday night I played both events again with another bubble finish in the qualifier. This time I had a token on hand after playing a token frenzy earlier in the day so net loss was only $15. The 2K went well but I didn't catch when I needed to and got knocked out a little short of the cash. I tried to win it back playing cash but it didn't work out well as I lost with a nut 7 and also lost with a 6. Those two hands cost me a bunch and I ended the evening down.

As far as life goes, I walked into the bathroom yesterday morning...the one attached to my bedroom...and heard water running. Water was splashing on the floor as the faucet ran with the drain plugged. I turned it off and we spent the next bit of time cleaning up the mess that was left on the floor.

Later in the day, I heard a crash in the kitchen. As I got up from the chair I see the light fixture from above the island, laying on the floor and water everywhere. It seems that some of the water found a hole and filled up the fixture. Nobody got hurt but I can see the drywall tap starting to come loose. A call to the insurance company will be made today.

I did get the tire fixed on know, the one that went flat when it was below zero the other day.

Some times it rains and some times it pours...thats all I can say.

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