Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Playing The Skillz

I had a meeting after work that lasted for about two hours but I arrived home in time to play the skill game. I have found a new love in the game of Pot Limit Omaha and was hoping for a nice showing. I chipped up a little by taking some unwanted pots and finally hit a nice hand when I flopped the nut straight and river the flush. The flush may have cost me some money because my opponent seemed willing to call before the last spade hit giving me the flush. A little while later I was involved in a hand that saw me flop the 3rd highest flush and an opened ended straight flush draw. I was careful at first but led out on the turn and I was re-raise a little. I had my opponent we covered so I pushed it up higher to represent a slow played nut flush. If he has the nut I still have outs to the straight flush. If he has the king he might fold so I really though this was the right play. He eventually went all-in for a few hundred more and turned over the K high flush. It was a tough call for him but a good one.

Now I'm back to a little below starting numbers and stay tight for a while. I eventually opened up my game when the blinds were useful and chipped back up to a manageable stack. As we approached the final table I find AAxx and a nice raise in front of me so I get all my chips in the pot. I get called by KKTT and go home a few short of the final table after he hits a K. I was very frustrated by that considering I would have been almost assured a money spot if I win vs. those 4 outs.

After that I went to the Razz tables to play for a while. You can check that out at Brickin The Nutz.

Prolly no Mookie tonight but you all should play. Check out the banner on the right for all you will need to play against a bunch of push monkeys and over players.

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