Friday, January 25, 2008

Travel Sucks

It was a long week of travel and with well below average internet availability, I didn't get to post anything.

I started the trip on Sunday when I headed to San Francisco for a Monday morning meeting. The boss, sales engineer and I met with a couple of guys from our Japan site for dinner and ended the evening early. This was the only night with any real internet access so I watched a little bit of the action as a couple of Razz players from BTN went deep in some tourneys. That may have been Monday but I can't be sure because everything ran together with all the travel.

On Monday we had our meeting and flew to LA for another meeting on Tuesday. Our flight was delayed so we ended up getting to our hotel somewhere around midnight. The highlight of the trip was going to Gyu-Kaku for dinner. Great food and 99 cent kirin beer on tap.

Tuesday went well at our meeting and we headed to the airport to fly to New Mexico for a Wednesday meeting. By the time we were done with dinner it was 10:30 or so and thus another night of some tv watching before going to bed. This may also have been the night when someone from BTN went deep...I just can't remember.

Wednesday was good and we got to the airport in plenty of time for our flight to Philly. The sales engineer spilled a power aid on my bag and I got a book for the long flight. We had a short layover of a couple hours in Cincinnati. After getting to Philly we drove the 45 minutes to our crappy hotel and I watched tennis until I fell asleep.

Thursday morning was spent on a conference call and with a customer. Our flight home was on time and we touched down at 5:11 pm. I pick up my bag and hit the parking tram and figure to be home by7 for sure. As I walk to my car in the frigid air I see 4 inches of snow and ice sitting on it and start the car. I started to scrap off the snow and ice but the scrapper broke and thus I had to wait for it to warm up enough to allow me to use the wipers. Did I say that it was -1 out side? Anyway, I head down the road and I notice the car running weird and I pull over at the toll gate a few miles down the road. My back left tire is flat so I grab the portable air compressor and fill it back up. But it is leaking so I head to te oasis and buy a can of fix a flat that doesn't work so I have to change the tire. It is now -3 degrees. In the end I get the tire on and head down the road on to run into the remnants of an accident and sit in one spot for about 20 minutes. I finally pull in the driveway at around 8:25 and my week of travel is over.

How was you week.


jusdealem said...

What a week. Tough luck on having to change the flat in that weather. I know you're glad to be home! :)

Anonymous said...


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