Thursday, January 10, 2008

MDIT Radio and Some of the Talk About Top Bloggers

It was a lot of fun listening to the MiamiDon/InstantTragedy radio show brought to you by BuddyDank Radio. A lot of funny stuff but it brought a question to my mind in respect to what is success as far as poker goes for us as a blogging community. But, before I go into what I consider being successful I think we need to categorize the different types of players there are in the blogging world.

First of all there are the on-line professionals. These are the players who grind out win after win playing at levels that most of us dream about. they grind at 10/20 NL and turn nice profits during a given year and have bankrolls that equal my yearly pay. These players are actually players who also blog.

We also have writers who actually play poker. They describe their lives in ways many of us wish we could and either grind a profit or play for enjoyment. This category of player is wide spread and cannot be lumped together because they have different purposes for playing the game. Can you compare a recreational player who reloads all the time to someone trying build a bankroll. It isn't a good comparison.

Another group of players want to become big money players and take shots at the bigger pay days. This is where many of the blogger community sit and toil in the doldrums of the on-line poker world. Success comes and goes. Many reload and withdraw frequently and others work to grind up their bankroll. This group also has a stratification to it that should be separated by what they are trying to accomplish.

The last group for discussion is the social group. They play to hang out and be with others who have the same interests. This could have some cross over with the previous group so you have another issue with setting up groups.

So with the discussion going on last night. Chad and Don were trying to get waffles to list his top 5 bloggers success wise. I think the only real way to measure success of a player is to understand the goals they have as a player. So I will use my self as an example so I don't piss anyone off.

Success to me is advancing towards whatever it is you have set your mind to do. In my case I want to build up my bankroll through sound management skills and to take some shots at bigger games. So, did I achieve success? I took two big shots at large buy-in tourneys last year. My focus was on MTTs and only played cash to kill time or mess around a little. I made $1 during last year playing MTTs on Full Tilt and $450 on Ultimate Bet. In my mind I had a solid year. My bankroll management allowed me to play some higher tourneys and I paid a ton of Juice to the sites I played. I had a very solid year.

Now can you compare me to lets say Fuel. He sits down with more money at a table playing 5/10 nl than I currently have in my bankroll. Is it fair to compare Fuel and I as to success? Apples and oranges are not the same fruit for a reason. They taste different.

So how can we say we respect players based on success from a tourney result. Does one big score really mean that player A is better than player B. It means that player A has resources that player B doesn't have but does it make him a better player.

I understand completely what Don was saying about most of us are hobby players. I certainly don't play this game to put bread on the table. I guess we all have are own place in this world of poker.

I played the Dookie last night because turbo Razz is the nutz. I also played some other Razz and you can read about it at Brickin The Nutz.


Fuel55 said...

Continued success. Its only a matter of time.

Instant Tragedy said...

Its a slow ride, but the ride of our lives!

Hang on, put your hands in the air and SCREAM!